Monday, 18 June 2012


Renege on the rock! Smash
the oppressor cave! Sashay
out onto the floor! Scorn the cornices—
see, from the beard of drunk Silenus
from the unique uproar of his blood
the wine dribble into his genitals!

Spit on the obsession with pillars:
ancient rheumatic hands quake toward
gray skies. Bring down the temple
by the yearning of your knees
twitching with dance.

Spill, spread, unpetal, bleed
your soft flowers through great wounds.
Dove-hauled Venus girds her loins
with roses—
see the summer’s last puff of blue
drift on seas of asters to distant
pine-brown coasts; see
this final hour of our mendacious
southern happiness
held aloft.

- Gottfried Benn

Picture: Yakshini, nude, in tribhanga standing posture. Padampet, Karimnagar District - Andhra Pradesh.

(image is not of a caryatid but the image, tribhanga form and Yakshini came to mind when reading the poem)

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