Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"It does seem to me, that herein we see the rare virtue of a strong individual vitality, and the rare virtue of thick walls, and the rare virtue of interior spaciousness. Oh, man! admire and model thyself after the whale! Do thou, too, remain warm among ice. Do thou, too, live in this world without being of it. Be cool at the equator; keep thy blood fluid at the Pole. Like the great dome of St. Peter's, and like the great whale, retain, O man! in all seasons a temperature of thine own. But how easy and how hopeless to teach these fine things! Of erections, how few are domed like St. Peter's! of creatures, how few vast as the whale!"

- Herman Melville (Moby Dick)

Picture: Illustration from "Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of the Western North Atlantic: A Guide to their Identification" by Stephen Leatherwood, David K. Caldwell, and Howard E. Winn (1976)

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