Saturday, 12 May 2012

I've put on Bach

uprooted I am /
horrifically god-lost, the cloud with
a rose-mouth, ice-clump-shaped my heart what
for heaven's sake has happened to me / lonely
the frond of the palm I'd like on
my grave etc., alas this stigma these
May these June days how heart-rending, dew-fall
and frenzy a thousand times sorrow
dissolve in tears / no one
gives me their hand no eye consolingly
passes into my soul / buried
alive in my warm blood : ditched dissolute distraught damned done-in
deadly the daybreak and late evening / torn out
I've torn myself out of
human society .. see
Glenn Gould squatting crooked humming furious
howling and hotting - (and we have
crying 1 light-ray and 1 poison)

- Friederike Mayröcker

Picture: "Friederike Mayröcker, Wien" by Joseph Gallus Rittenberg

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